How to add more than 5 fingerprints on any  device.

As we all know that how to add fingerprints on any android Mi (Xiaomi) or normal  devices but in this article I will show you how to add more than 5 fingerprints on any device. You can make this impossible thing possible after reading this full article.So please read full article and don’t skip even a single line otherwise your are not going to do this amazing trick.
Actually this is a trick by which we are making our devices fool.
Step: 1. First go to your setting option.
Step: 2. Go to lock screen and passwords.
Step: 3. Go to manage fingerprints.
Step: 4. Go to add fingerprints.(Then input your lockscreen password then option to add fingerprints came there).
Step: 5. You have to touch your fingerprint sensor one time with your one finger i.e.(A) and another time touch that fingerprint with other finger i.e (B), then again and again ask to touch your finger, then touch that fingerprint with that finger which you have touched for very first time i.e (A)  then again it ask your to touch your finger then touch it by second finger i.e (B).

Repeat this step six time with both the fingers until and unless your fingerprint is successfully added.
finger imagePlease refer the above image to understand how to add more than 5 fingerprints on any device more easily.

Now You can repeat  same with other fingers.And you can get freedom of adding as many fingerprint as you want.

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